How do you get paid for selling work with Monegraph?

Currently payments are handled through Stripe. To get paid for selling your work, you must complete the registration process with Stripe. To do so you will need to provide banking details. In the U.S., that means providing your bank account number and routing number. You will also need to provide your address and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Important note: This information is provided directly to Stripe. Monegraph does not see it or store any sensitive information about you. This information is used by Stripe to establish your identity and is important to create trust that you are who you say you are, and that your work is your own.

With Stripe, you are paid directly by the buyer of your work. Monegraph is not a party to the transaction and only takes a processing fee

Some additional tips for completing your Stripe registration:

  • When asked to describe what you are doing, say "Selling media on"
  • When asked for a website on the form, if you don’t already have one, use — once you’ve chosen a Monegraph username.
  • Unless you otherwise register with Stripe, the first time you sell something on Monegraph, Stripe will issue you a temporary registration that will be good for one week. During that time you will need to complete the registration process. We will be exploring other ways of processing payments in the future.