What is a Monegraph license?

Monegraph allows you to create and customize a license contract that establishes the usage parameters for your media. These licenses are binding legal agreements between the owner of the work (initially the creator) and a buyer of the work. They are legally enforceable in a court of law and are a prerequisite for many major commercial entities to do business with you. 

Currently Monegraph supports 4 different licenses, the specific terms of which are outlined in the Terms of Service. The four types are Artwork, News Photo, Product Image and Snapshot:

  • An Artwork license is for non-commercial use and personal enjoyment.
  • News Photo license is for editorial, not commercial use.
  • Product Image license is a more typical commercial rights-managed (RM) license.
  • Snapshot license is a commercial agreement that gives virtually all rights over to the seller.

The most restrictive license we offer is Artwork. The most liberal is Snapshot. The two commercial licenses are Product Image and Snapshot, and the two non-commercial licenses are Artwork and News Photo.

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